Dear members and friends of the GDNÄ,

due to the Corona pandemic we have to postpone the meeting planned for 2021 in Würzburg and combine it with the 200th anniversary of the GDNÄ in Leipzig in 2022 (details will follow). The thematic focus planned for Würzburg – the importance of the image in science – will remain. In addition, new topics will be developed in the course of the next few months and then presented on this page.

Images show what has been newly discovered, explain results, clarify hypotheses. Images can prove and explain – but they can also suggest and falsify. In all sciences, the creation of images is of paramount importance, and new techniques are constantly being developed to obtain images in ever more sophisticated ways: from individual atoms to the universe, from the structures of life to patients, from complex theories to aesthetics in nature and art.

Listen and watch what the latest technologies can produce in terms of images and how our perceptions and ideas about the world are shaped by them. Take part in this exciting discourse on the future and experience fascinating examples of application.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Lennart Resch

Martin Lohse, President of the GDNÄ

Planned programme

Saarbrücken 2018 © Robertus Koppies

The 200th anniversary celebration of the GDNÄ will take place in the
Congress Hall at the Leipzig Zoo.