Livestream from Leipzig

Watch jubilee lectures in real time

The Nobel lecture is about a galactic voyage of discovery, the Leopoldina lecture shows how much computer science is in cinema films today and the grand opening ceremony entices with exciting discussions, music and insights into current research. Those who are present at the GDNÄ’s anniversary conference will experience a great celebration of science with many highlights.

But also those who cannot be there are invited – and this is a novelty at GDNÄ meetings – to participate in real time. All lectures in the Great Hall of the Congress Hall at Leipzig Zoo will be livestreamed, as will the entire Festversammlung on Thursday, 8 September 2022 (14:00-18:00), and the public lectures by Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor Reinhard Genzel (Friday, 9 September, 18:30-20:00) and Professor of Computer Science Markus Gross of ETH Zurich “Computer Science for Hollywood Pictures” (Saturday, 10 September, 18:30-20:00).

Livestream use is free of charge; no special technical requirements are necessary. A digital device and a good internet connection are all you need to join the live stream below:

The livestream is intended for the real-time experience and is only available at the same time as the programme in Leipzig. The video recordings of lectures, interviews and summary contributions, which are posted on the GDNÄ’s own YouTube channel after the meeting and are available free of charge, can be used permanently.