New info flyer

Compact portrait of the GDNÄ

“Knowledge in the best society”: This is the title of a new information brochure introducing the GDNÄ. The six-page flyer in a practical format outlines the great tradition of our scientific society, presents the diverse range of activities and presents quotes by some of our members.

An example is Paul Mühlenhoff, the head of the GDNÄ students’ programme: “The GDNÄ allows students to experience what they will find in their textbooks only 20 years later”. The attractive flyer is an excellent option to help recruit new members. Printed flyers can be ordered free of charge from the office (just send an e-mail or call). The new brochure is available as a PDF in two different sizes here:

Saarbrücken 2018 © Robertus Koppies
Saarbrücken 2018 © Robertus Koppies
“Knowledge in the best society”: New info flyer of the GDNÄ