The 133rd Assembly of the GDNÄ will take place from Thursday, 12 September, to Sunday, 15 September 2024, in Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg. The conference theme is “Science for our lives tomorrow”. The chairman is GDNÄ President Professor Heribert Hofer, the host is the University of Potsdam. 

Preparations for the conference are in full swing. GDNÄ President Hofer and his team have put together a comprehensive scientific programme (PDF). A special contingent of hotel rooms is available for conference guests.

Several interviews on this website provide insights into the preparations for the conference. In one of them, GDNÄ President Professor Heribert Hofer explains the plans for a Young GDNÄ. Professor Barbara Höhle, Vice President of the University of Potsdam and Managing Director of Science at the GDNÄ, welcomes the participants to the 133rd meeting. And Professor Alexander Böker, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research and Managing Director Economy at the GDNÄ, explains why he expects lively support from regional companies.