Schools and universities

The Society of German Natural Scientists and Physicians wants to inspire young people for natural sciences, technology and medicine and motivate them to pursue a scientific career. With this in mind, the Society has for many years invited students, teachers and young academics to its meetings. Inspired by the lectures given by outstanding scientists, these meetings offer a wide range of opportunities for exchanging ideas – among each other and with the researchers.

 To meet the needs of its target groups, the GDNÄ has developed special programs. They range from a simple travel grant for adult guests to an all-round carefree package for students. The programs are made possible through the generous support of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation and the Bayer Science and Education Foundation.

There are four different grant programs:

  • >> Student Program
  • >> Youth Research Program
  • >> Graduate Program
  • >> Teacher Program
Saarbrücken 2018 © Robertus Koppies

Digitisation of the sciences – a topic that captivated all generations at the 130th meeting in Saarbrücken.

“The student council gave me an important basis for my decision”