The Archive of the GDNÄ

The archive of the GDNÄ was handed over to the archive of the Deutsches Museum in Munich (only in German available) in 1989. However, only archival material could be handed over after 1945, since the old holdings were confiscated by Soviet troops at the end of the war and have been lost ever since. There are no indications of whereabouts. Original records from the period before 1945 have only been preserved if they were owned by members of the Board of Management.

The meetings of the years 1897 to 1960 are documented by thin portfolios. Beginning in 1960, the tradition began to intensify. The files were handed over to the archive of the Deutsches Museum by the GDNÄ until 1984:

  • Individual acts, including those relating to the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee 1966-1987;
  • acts relating to amendments to the Articles of Association 1914-1920
  • and the Education Commission 1904-1909;
  • daily papers, official reports and negotiations of the respective meeting
  • as well as representative commemorative publications of the respective conference venues are available from 1893 to 1921.
  • Approximately 400 individual photographs document the meetings of 1964-1990,
  • as well as photographs of the founder of the GDNÄ, Lorenz Oken (1779-1857).

Titelblatt der Festschrift zur 71. Versammlung. Sie fand 1899 in München statt.

Blick über die Münchener Ludwigsbrücke auf das Deutsche Museum.

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