2nd Regional meeting of the gdna saarland westpfalz

At the invitation of GDNÄ President Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster, the second regional meeting for the Saarland and West Palatinate region was held on February 21st. 15 dedicated GDNÄ members met at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in the late afternoon. Prof. Wahlster gave a lecture on “Machine Learning – Application Success and Open Problems”, which was discussed intensively especially with regard to the implications for applications in the field of medical assistance systems and autonomous driving.

The focus was on many suggestions from the attending teachers on how students could be encouraged to become more interested in becoming a member of the GDNÄ. Many concrete suggestions for an optimized member communication and further service functions were introduced by the members. Overall, all participants were convinced that such regional meetings are suitable for making membership of the GDNÄ more attractive.

Agenda 17.00 – 19.30 hours

  • Welcome and introduction of the participants (15 minutes)
  • Preview: the scientific programme and the laboratory tours of the 130th meeting in Saarbrücken (15 minutes)
  • Preview: the cultural and social programme for the 130th meeting (5 minutes)
  • Scientific short lecture: Machine Learning – Application successes and open problems (30 minutes, Prof. Wahlster)
  • Discussion on ideas for the further development of the 130th assembly and the commitment of regional members and other sponsors (20 minutes)
  • Discussion on measures to increase the number of participants from our region (20 minutes)

Out of the 74 invited members, 39 did not reply, 9 had to cancel for reasons of time, 15 members participated.

Gruppenphoto GDNAE DFKI SB 21 02 18 annotiert