GDNÄ Meetings

The meetings of the GDNÄ take place every two years in different locations. Each meeting is focused on one central theme. Researchers from different disciplines present the latest research results in symposia and sections, which they present graphically and discuss with the public.

The audience is made up of colleagues from the natural sciences, engineering and medicine, students of all disciplines and scientific lay people who are interested in the subject areas. The participants of the meeting are offered a broad spectrum of lectures by means of a generally understandable communication, without giving up the claim to be scientific.

With the opening event, the company awards the Lorenz Oken Medal in a ceremony. It is addressed to personalities who have contributed particularly to the interpretation and dissemination of scientific or medical findings. Since 2010, the Alexander von Humboldt Medal has also been awarded to personalities who constantly develop and promote the GDNÄ.

Cultural supporting programmes, a public evening lecture and excursions to particularly interesting research centres round off each meeting.

Fig.: Venues of the GDNÄ meetings from 1822 to 2022